About Us

From humble beginnings…

The CT Safety Barriers journey began in 2009 when Chris Caunce, our managing director, took what he had learned during his time working in the industry to establish a company that would grow to one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety products in the UK.

Each year since 2009 has seen the business grow, both in terms of revenue and in terms of customer engagement and experience. To have grown from a small manufacturer of safety barrier products to one of the largest is a privilege that we owe to our great team and customers.

Yorkshire, born and bred.

Our roots are in Yorkshire, as is our purpose built manufacturing facility. This means that our Armco barriers, crash barriers, bollards, warehouse protection systems, handrails and other products are British made. In 2021, we became proud members of the Made In Britain manufacturing community.

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We make places safer

We’re proud to have made airports, railway lines, bus stations, power stations, distribution centres and car storage depots safer.

With our help, power stations have become ready to join the national grid, supermarket distribution centres have become ready to distribute your groceries around the country, and train lines have been kept safe from interference, meaning journeys are smoother and safer. In fact all sorts of premises have been made safer, meaning that employees, contractors and visitors can go about their business with peace of mind.

Some of the people we’ve worked with

Each contract has been a pleasure, and we’re quite proud of some of the names we’ve signed up:


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What we believe.

Our customers are the most important thing. We strive for the best possible performance, quality and teamwork in all of the work we carry out.

When safety is the name of the game there is no room for error. That is why we are ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. Or for people who aren’t up to scratch on legislation, this means we have a certification showing we have implemented Quality Management System requirements, and that we are an Occupational Health and Safety Registered company.


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With CT Safety Barriers you’re in safe, local hands.