Free Standing Roof Edge Protection

Roof Edge Protection Regulations

Free Standing Roof Edge Protection system

Roof edge protection barriers are essential in order to comply with the HSE recommendations in reducing risk for those working at height.

Roof handrail protection is a counterbalanced safety handrails system designed for working safely at high heights. Our system is a free-standing handrail which avoids penetrating the roofs membrane using rubber counterweights, which contact the roof in intervals, maximising friction whilst avoiding damage to the surface of the roof.

Our Roof Edge Protection handrail has been designed in accordance with BS EN 13374:5004, roof edge protection regulations, as a class A protection system. Therefore, you can be assured of the strength, quality and safety of our product when working at height. Not all free standing roof edge protection systems provide the level of security for rooftop areas that we can guarantee.

Free-Standing Roof Edge Protection Benefits


  • Provides protection for working on a roof.
  • No penetration of the roof membrane.
  • No welding, threading or bolting required on site.
  • Suitable for use on concrete, PVC membrane, asphalt and felt roof surfaces.
  • Modular and easy to assemble, limiting installation costs.
  • Free standing, therefore, requires no permanent fixing.
  • Industry compliant, tested against BS EN 13374:5004 class A.
  • Flexible Solution can be configured around most obstacles or elevation changes.
  • The roof protection handrails can be added or taken down for reconstruction elsewhere at a moments notice.
  • Compatible with almost all configurations of flat roofs.
  • Surpasses need to penetrate the roof membrane.
  • Unbeatable roof handrail systems for fall protection.

Edge Protection Barriers Installation

Free Standing Roof Edge Protection is perfect in situations where regular roof access is required for maintenance or inspection purposes.

For example, any building with a flat roof should have a roof inspection at least once a year. This is since flat roofs are prone to issues such as drainage, or lack thereof. Having Roof Edge Protection that does not penetrate the membrane of the building means it will not add to any potential structural damage and will create a safe environment for the inspection to take place.

FAQ’S for Roof Edge Protection

Q – Do you manufacture your own Free-Standing Roof Edge Protection?

A – Yes! We have grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Handrails in the UK. We have a purpose-built manufacturing facility situated on the motorway network in Yorkshire, and supply products anywhere within the UK and Europe.

Q – Do you install the Free-Standing Roof Edge Protection?

A – Yes. Our fully trained engineers carry out installation work through the whole of the UK.

Q – Are your Free-Standing Roof Edge Protection sold secure?

A – Yes, all our Handrails are sold secure.

Q – Do your handrails abide by Roof Edge Protection Regulations?

A – Yes, our free-standing roof barriers are compliant with the rules set out in BS: EN 13374:5004 Class A.  

Roof Barriers Safety Standards

Our Roof Edge Protection is compliant with the rules set out in BS: EN 13374:5004 A Class. This covers the application process and surfaces it may be applied to, the design features, components used, performance testing and safe proximity from the roofs edge. For more information click here. 

Order your Roof Edge Protection Today!

Here at CT Safety Barriers, we strive for the best possible performance and quality in all Free-Standing Roof Edge Protection we produce in our UK based, purpose built, manufacturing facility. We are an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that understands in safety, there is no room for error.

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