Hoop Barriers

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CT Safety Barriers Ltd manufacture and have a range of steel hoop barriers for sale online. Our hoop barriers, column, and lamp post protectors come in both mild and stainless steel, and can be manufactured in various diameters, lengths and heights available in a variety of finishes such as galvanised or powder coated. 

Our steel hoop barriers are manufactured to be either bolted to the ground or root fixed depending on your needs. Unlike other sellers, we manufacture all our hoop barriers, and our manufacturing facility can create your hoop barriers to your specification.

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What are Hoop Barriers?

Hoop barriers have become a popular security measure for various settings, from industrial businesses to commercial car parks. Hoop barriers are useful as you can allow pedestrian access whilst still blocking vehicles. This is the perfect solution if you need to control traffic or protect an area from collisions.

Why choose CT Safety Barriers for Hoop Barriers?


  • We manufacture all our hoop barriers ourselves which means we can make them to your specifications with no middle man involved.


  • Our hoop barriers are made from strong steel. 


  • We have various finishes available, including galvanised or powder coated.


  • Our hoop barriers are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential properties. 


  • We will make your hoop barrier to any size of length you need. 


  • We can install your hoop barrier systems ourselves.

Perimeter Protection Hoop Barriers

Perimeter Protection Hoop Barrier for Car Dealership

Perimeter protection steel hoop barriers have become a popular method of securing around large areas like car dealerships and play areas. A simple yet effective solution to delineate and protect spaces such vehicle forecourts. 

Perimeter protection hoop barriers are a brilliant way to allow pedestrian access whilst denying any kind of vehicle entry. Our Premier protection steel hoops barriers are available both root fixed or bolt down as well as removable depending on your requirements.

Full Height Protection Hoop Barrier Fencing

Full Height Protection Hoop Barrier FencingFull Height Protection hoop fencing is mainly used in industrial and urban areas for pedestrian segregation and as trolley parking bays in shopping centres. These hoop barriers are also widely used in supermarkets and other retail premises as they provide easy installation but are reliable and effective.

Static Protection Hoop Barriers

Static protection hoop barrierProtective Hoop barriers are used to protect objects from damage such as lampposts, trolley parks, trees and also for cycle security. As they are static these are usually permanent fixtures and generally protect a certain area rather than guiding traffic.

Cycle Hoops

Cycle Hoop barriers provide an effective method of bicycle securement within the urban environment. Our bike hoops are made from tough stainless steel and can be root fixed or bolted down depending on if you need to be able to move the hoop barriers or not. Usually we would recommend fixing them to the floor using bolts or concrete in order to maximise the hoop barrier security, but our expert hoop barrier installers can provide advice for you on this.

For further information on the range of Steel Hoop Barriers available from CT Safety Barriers Ltd, call us now on (01977) 666 818 or complete an online enquiry form today.